Quartet Medicine - BH4

Research and Development

Quartet Medicine is discovering and developing novel, small-molecule modulators of the de novo tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) synthesis pathway for the treatment of chronic pain associated with inflammation. Quartet’s lead program targeting inhibitors of sepiapterin reductase is in preclinical development. A second program is in the early lead discovery stage.

Quartet Medicine Pipeline March 2017

Drug Discovery

The company’s drug discovery capabilities are supported by structurally-enabled medicinal chemistry, and a BH4 pathway biomarker strategy.

Structure-based drug design
Quartet has built a large estate of proprietary X-ray crystallographic information including numerous X-ray co-crystal structures with its advanced drug candidates. This structurally-enabled approach continues to be a key driver in our drug discovery efforts.

BH4 Crystal Structure

Biomarker for target engagement
A core strength of Quartet’s R&D strategy is monitoring target engagement in peripheral tissues to establish the relationship between pharmacology and efficacy in preclinical models. Among drug discovery programs targeting chronic pain, Quartet is in a unique position with a translatable, peripheral biomarker for target engagement in the clinical setting resulting in a phase 1 which will inform rational dose selection for phase 2 POC trials.

Clinical Development

The BH4 synthesis pathway has been implicated in a range of chronic human pain and inflammatory conditions. Using a combination of human genetic and biomarker tools, along with preclinical disease models, Quartet is targeting the most appropriate clinical proof-of-concept indications for assessing modulators of the BH4 synthesis pathway.